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CCTV Overwatch is a dedicated security camera company that has been serving Palm Beach County for over 15 years. Our primary focus has been and always will be professional security camera systems, installations and maintenance. This is intentional, some companies offer a million and one services while exceling at none. At CCTV Overwatch we instead choose to dedicate all our time and effort into being the best at what we do rather than being substandard at a variety of services. When a customer calls us in need of advice, assistance or just general questions we pride ourselves on being the very best at what we do.

Remote Monitoring 

Our motto is “peace of mind anywhere” every security camera system we install comes standard with state of the art remote monitoring capability at no cost. Our software with the device applications allows you as a home owner or business owner access to your CCTV camera system at the click of a button from any of your devices anywhere in the world. Remote monitoring of your security camera system gives you the ability to download footage, play back recordings, effectively scan play back for events such a motion detection or simply give you the peace of mind that all is well at your home or business at any time.

Video Playback

Our systems come with intuitive video play back, including the ability to highlight motion detection, allowing you as an owner to quickly play back the most important footage and isolate the period an event occurred. Whether that is simply seeing when a loved one returned home, or recording an event for more serious legal purposes. Video play back allows a home or business owner to play back over events, clip them and download the files either remotely to their device or directly off the system to a basic flash drive. This footage can then be handed over easily whether it’s to a manager of your business, to you yourself, lawyers or law enforcement officers.

CCTV Security Cameras for Businesses

As a business owner in Palm Beach County you want to ensure your customers are getting the absolute best from your business regardless of whether you’re physically present and on location or not. Security Cameras for your business allow you to see what is going on at any time whatsoever, use play back to understand incidents that may have occurred, reduce liability and ensure you can have the information you need to make the best decisions for your customers. This increased oversight holds both employees accountable as well as customers. When people know there is Security Cameras monitoring the property they tend to be on their best behavior, this lowers liability by stopping most incidents before they occur. In the event that an incident does occur, you will have the peace of mind to know precisely what was going on at the time of occurrance.

CCTV Security Cameras for Palm Beach County Homes

As a home owner in Palm Beach County CCTV Cameras will serve your property in a variety of ways. Whether you’re in the more rural area of The Acreage, or the more busy city life of Palm Beach it is imperative that when you are out and about you know your property and family is being kept protected. No individual with nefarious intentions wants the police to have video evidence of them committing a crime no matter how small it is. Whether due to public embarrassment or actual criminal charges; security cameras are a deterrent to stop events before they occur. When planning trips out of town, the peace of mind you’ll have from your Residential Security Cameras is second to none. 

Driveway and Parking lot Security Cameras

When we initiate a site survey for a home or business we always ensure that the entire perimeter is covered with our high definition wide view cameras with a focus on areas most probable for incidents. For example in Palm Beach County Driveways, parking lots and parking garages are especially vulnerable due to individuals vandalizing cars in residential neighborhoods and businesses. These individuals prowl through vulnerable areas checking cars by pulling handles to see if the door is unlocked and potentially breaking a car window to get inside a locked vehicle. Generally speaking these crimes occur in the late hours, or mid day while most hard working people are asleep in bed or at work. Drive way and parking lot security cameras will greatly reduce the probability of this occurring, after all most criminals don’t want law enforcement to have video footage of their face committing these activities. The majority of times your Security Camera system serves as an effective deterrent to these occurrences. In the event that they do occur, as mentioned previously downloading footage of an event and putting it on a flash drive for a responding police officer is a simple click away and gives you the ability to take control of a less than ideal situation.

Security Cameras for your second home or Rental Property

Having rental properties and second homes outfitted with one of our integrated systems gives the home owner the ability to check in on their property at any moment. Not only are they a significant deterrent from criminal activity but they also allow you the luxury of being able to quickly check the remote view of your property and ensure everything is up to standard. This is incredibly beneficial for a variety of reasons. From the simple things like ensuring the property is being maintained, to the more serious issues such as knowing no one has trespassed on your home, or vandalized it. In the event someone damages your property, they’ll have a very difficult time denying the allegations when they’re caught on camera and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing they won’t be back again. Additionally, many of our customers simply like the ability to know whenever they please they can quickly check their cameras, see that nothing is amiss then quickly get back to what they were doing. Quick, efficient effective.

High definition IP Night Vision Cameras

Our CCTV systems come standard with capability to work off invisible infrared light during periods of darkness. This allows the system to get a great picture regardless of any ambient light in the area. This process is automatic. When the camera detects darkness it automatically switches on IR lights to continue seamless monitoring. When it gets dark outside, or an interior camera loses it’s ambient light you can rest assured that footage is continuing to be seamlessly recorded. As it gradually gets dark every night our cameras switch on night vision, as the sun rises they switch back to their day time views. This process happens however slowly or quickly it needs to entirely automatic, for example if you have one of your Security Cameras in your garage and you close your garage door or turn the light off the camera instantly switches to high definition night vision mode.

Security Cameras for HOA communities

Housing authority communities have a unique situation in which home owners pay a premium to ensure they live in a nice safe community. When a gate is disabled from a negligent vehicle and now anyone may enter or exit this layer of safety is left exposed until repairs can be made. We meet this need in two ways.

  1. When we serve the HOA itself we recommend installing guard gate cameras at both the entrance and exit. These cameras will record license plates, not only allowing capability to determine who came and left but also ensure that whomever broke the gate is found liable.
  2. When we serve home owners in this communities we ensure that no matter what the situation is in the overall community, their home and property is taken care of. It is quite simple, if a would be thief or vandal is going to damage property they’re going to avoid the home owner with security cameras that detects them the moment they walk up the drive way.

Professional installations you can trust

Our project managers, technical support and field technicians are all professionals in their respected field. No matter how large or small the project is, we take care to cater directly to each unique clients needs all of which are completed entirely in house. Our efficient and effective business model allows us to seamlessly offer an affordable high quality service to our local customers. Our project managers are on the road every day meeting with future clients in order to provide a drawing and quote unique to their property. We offer value that is second to none in the time we take devising a quote, site survey and estimate for our future customers all at no cost.

  • Our team will meet with you at your earliest convenience at your home or place of business.
  • Arrive on time and ready to answer any and all questions.
  • Map out the most effective layout for your unique needs to provide the most value at the least cost.
  • Provide multiple options to meet any needs, budget considerations and offer our honest recommendation.
  • Design the layout, ensuring a clean beautiful installation without visible wiring.
  • Listen to your feedback! After all it is your property and the input we receive is paramount to us serving you well.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and schedule a free service quote. Our staff is standing by seven days a week to serve the community we live in. Our ultimate priority will always be to offer a quality, high value service to our clients in order to meet and exceed their needs.maintenance

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